Relaying God’s Whispers

I really enjoyed this short  devotional from Streams in the Desert this morning. It’s a real encouragement to write and to share our testimonies and stories with others of God’s presence and providence in our hand daily but especially during dark times in our lives. Perhaps when we do it often enough, others will learn

When God Doesn’t Rescue (Philippians 1:12-30)

“It is the great support and solace of the saints in all the distresses that befall them here, that there is a wise Spirit sitting in all the wheels of motion, and governing the most eccentric creatures, and their most pernicious designs, to blessed and happy issues”. – John Flavel, The Mystery of Providence Paul

10 Things Not to Say to Those Who Are Hurting

It’s tough watching someone you love suffer and being helpless to help them or to know what to say. We always want to do or say something to lessen their pain, to encourage them and to help them. However, our good intentions can go awry and instead of causing less pain, we can increase anothers

Never Forsaken

Love this quote from “Being There: How to Love Those Who Are Hurting” by Dave Furman A great reminder that God never forsakes our abandons us. –

How to Gain God’s Attention

What does it take to gain God’s attention? Isa. 66:2b tells us this great secret to obtaining the eye of God on us. There are three character attributes that cause the eyes of God to stop their roaming the earth and to rest intently on those who displays such attributes. Humility, Contrition and the Fear

What is Prayer?

I love this poem by written by Isaac Watts the famous theologian, logician and hymn writer who was born in the late 1600’s. This hymn is one of 750 that he was inspired to write. It is a worship filled reminder of what prayer is and why we pray. On Prayer by Isaac Watts Prayer

Art Bows to God

“Let those who have felt this double effect of the Spirit’s teaching bear witness to the marvelous result. The Bible becomes a transformed book. It was before the best of all books, but it is now the Book of God—a chamber of disclosed mysteries—a house of many mansions, in which new doors constantly open into

First Things First

SUFFER me first to go and …” It is not that you desire wrong things; it is not that you desire to avoid right things; but you say, “Suffer me first to do the in ferior, and then I shall be ready for the superior. Suffer me first to take care of myself. Suffer me

It’s Not Fair

A year and a half ago, on March 23rd, 2014 my cousin Tessa, age 27, was killed in a head-on collision by a drunk driver as she was on her way home. She died instantly leaving behind 4 surviving children. The criminal case for it ended just last week. Her death has impacted our entire

He Knows Me

“O Lord, you have searched me and known me!” – Psa. 139:1 You have searched and known me. The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Great I Am, The Alpha and The Omega, The Lamb… knows me. He knows my name.