The Restored Vase


You shine your light
on the walls of my heart
you illuminate the cracks and dust
from years of neglect
your light brings everything into sight
Nothing is hidden from your eyes
Not even my shame for the state my heart is in
You see all the cobwebs and mold that has flourished in the dark
All the fallen chips, collapses and fractures
You step over the weeds of anger and bitterness that threaten to choke me.
I hold my breath in fear,
But you say nothing about the condition my heart is in.
Instead you continue walking closer towards me,
shining your light and examining my heart
inch by inch, you come closer and closer to my core
I am filled with fear and shame
at the presence of my Lord
I am not worthy to be looked upon
by righteousness Himself
But that is no matter to you
You bought me
I am yours

You see every spot where my heart has thinned and weakened
All the gaps and crevices that were never filled
All my vain and futile attempts to fill and cover them on my own.
You silently examine it all.
All the nooks and crannies that I have memories tucked and hidden away in.
All the craters and depressions from where my heart was hit straight on.
You see it all.
All the noises, voices and negative thoughts that still echo through it’s chambers.
All the off hand remarks that stabbed my soul,
You hear it all.
I hold my breath
Your eyes turn to see my wounds.
All the wounds that I protected and kept hidden.
All my hurts that cause me to lash out and withdraw from others
to protect myself from ever being touched again.
Even now as you look at them, I flinch and draw away.
In fear and shame I just want to hide.
But gently you move my hands aside,
And you touch it all
You touch the very core of my heart
with your warm love
and tender grace
You stare lovingly down into my face
Your light poured into my cold,  dark empty soul
Filling every crack with yourself
Until my heart overflowed

I cannot contain you
The heavens, the highest of heavens cannot contain you
How much less this heart where you have came to dwell?

Once I was an empty, broken castaway
A rebellious, unwanted runaway
But You Jesus have claimed me for yourself
And placed me in the heavens safe on your high shelf
You have given me a permanent place to stay
And filled me with the richness of yourself
Who ever knew that one day, I would hold such wealth?

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