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Once again offers an outstanding free audio book of the month dowChristian Audionload for your spiritual growth and enjoyment. This month’s free audio book is Donald Whitney’s “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.”

J.I. Packer begins his foreword to this book by stating:

“I was asked to write a forward for this book before I saw it, having now gone through it, I would in any case volunteered for the job so that I could go on record as urging all Christians to read what Don Whitney has written. Indeed to read it 3 times over with a months interval, certainly not less and ideally I think not more between each reading. This will not only make the book sink in but will also give you a realistic picture of your seriousness or lack of it as Jesus’ disciple. Your first reading will show you several particular things that you should start doing. In your second and third readings, for each of which you should choose a date on the day you complete the previous reading; you should find yourself reviewing what you have done and how you have faired in doing it. That will be very good for you even if the the discovery comes as a bit of a shock at first.”

If you haven’t read this book yet, I would strongly urge you to take advantage of this months free download and listen to it as you drive to work or vacuum & scrub the floors at home. You will find yourself calm in rush hour traffic, taking the long way home or even vacuuming a second time around the house so that you can listen a little bit longer to Don Whitney’s deep insight and practical advice regarding implementing the spiritual disciplines in your life.

Click here to go to and download this book now. Be sure to enter the code MAR2009 in checkout to get your free download.


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