“My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.”
Psalm 63:8

Dear Father,
I enjoy reading books and listening to talk radio, well of the spiritual kind that is. Throughout the day, usually commuting somewhere, I get a chance to hear many different authors and speakers. I often gather tremendous insight and then find myself the very next hour or channel rolling my eyeballs at some outlandish stuff filling the airwaves. I could work up a pretty good guilt trip as I listen to Dr. So and So, Professor Big Name, Mrs. Model-Me, Sister Got it all Together, or Brother Perfect. They tell me that I?ll ruin my kids if I work, I am lazy if I don?t work, need to spend „x? number (and I?m always way short) of hours in prayer, study the Bible this method, buy their book, give this amount, don?t look that way, do look this way, eat that, don?t drink this… good grief! I know the intent is good and their endeavors to be commended but is any of this pushing me closer to Jesus? We have books on discipleship, tapes on evangelism, videos on worship, seminars on marriages, retreats on addictions, and busy ourselves to death with all of the help-me?s and I still say “where is Jesus?”
Somebody just show me Jesus! In my own non-professional thinking I believe if we spent half that time pursuing Christ and following hard after Him, if we allowed ourselves to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit moment by moment of every day, if we really gave preeminence to the God to whom we belong, then all those other things would fall in place, their rightful place. Tools are great as long as we remember the Hand who holds them. I think we have spent way too much time and effort on the problem and forgotten the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ. No wonder we are frazzled, ragged, worn-out, and wondering where?s the joy. So Father, with that I?ll jump down off of my rickety soap-box and cling to You with all my might. I bring my issues to You (and we both know I have enough issues to fill umpteen support groups). I know You hold me firmly in Your grip and will not let go. Thank You for those farther down the road than I who share their gifts and knowledge. I benefit greatly from them but it?s just, well it?s just that I want YOU more than anything else.

I love You.

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