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ENGESVC2DAIf anyone is looking for a free audio bible this website offers free downloadable ones available in the ESV, KJV, CEV, NRS versions.  It offers the entire bible or just the New or Old testaments and either in dramatized or non-dramatized editions. I would recommend the dramatized version. I listed to the ESV dramatized version of the entire Book of Revelation yesterday in preparation for the current bible study our  Tuesday evening women’s bible study is currently doing which you can listen to online at our CalledAside website and I have to tell you the cry of the eagle over the city of the three "Woe! Woe! Woe!’s" and the sound of the insects of the locusts crawling out into the world in the background of the reading made my own skin crawl and cringe. It really does a fantstic job of bringing the visions in the Book of Revelation to life. It addition, the audio bible gives you an opportunity to read and reread the bible on your drive to and from work or while you are cleaning house or doing the dishes and best of all it’s free! A good audio bible can be quite expensive and I was really pleasantly surprised by the great quality of this one offered free by Faith Comes From Hearing. You can also download their free app from the Google Play Store called Bible IS to listen on your phone or tablet,

Another dramatized audio bible that I have also been enjoying much this year that I would like to quickly mention in light of listening to Book of Revelation in dramatized version is from The Bible in 90 Days. This one does cost but it is well worth the investment not only for it’s quality but also for the challenge it makes to read through the entire bible in 90 Days.  Have trouble making it through the entire bible in one year? With The Bible in 90 Days you can read through the entire bible  four times in a year if you so wished.  This is only my second time of going through The Bible in 90 Days program, but this is the first time using their audio bible edition of their book. I’ve really enjoyed it’s easy listening opportunity to read for long periods of time when I don’t have time. It’s a great way to make time. I listen to my audio bibles with my wireless  Bluetooth earpiece when I am making copies or doing data entry at work or while I am cleaning at home.  You can listen to it while you exercise, walk or anytime you have opportunity to turn down the music of the world and turn up the voice  God in your life.

I did skip ahead to the Book of Revelation and listened to it from beginning to end and the portion where it reads about the 30 minutes of silence in heaven still gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it.  However there are some parts of the martyrs and the elders crying out in this dramatized version that make me cringe because they sounded more like a horror, sci-fi movie or a group in hypnosis then what my own mind imagines their voices of crying out to sound like.   I thought the free Faith Comes From Hearing version did a much better job of dramatizing this portion of scripture and actually brought in singing with their audio versions when the test said they sang the words instead of only reading them in a spooky hypnotic state. 

But I must ask who is capable to accurately portray such magnificent scenes of heaven that we can’t possibly imagine? Both audio versions did a much better job then I ever could in reading them out loud and made me think that our greatest attempts to bring to life the word of God are mere scribbling’s of their reality.  Who is worthy to communicate such magnificence?  Who is capable? I am grateful for their attempts and versions because they do give me a shadow of an idea of what it might have been like and will be like. Their attempted portrayals, both good and bad, stir up my own questions of what it might actually sound like and still greatly enhance my reading time and I would highly recommend both dramatized audio bibles.

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