Abandoned By God

My husband and I went to watch ‘Prometheus’ earlier this year. I’ve never been much of an ‘Aliens’ fan but I did find the premise behind it quite interesting. It was one in which man goes in search of God, in the case of this movie “the gods” to discover why he has been created.

Wasted Bread

“Cast your bread upon the waters.” – Ecc. 11:1 Bread is the substance by which we live. It is our livelihood.  It is our future. It is the substance on which we survive which  normally we would hold onto, put back and  protect as provision for ourselves and our families. However, here we are told,


  A storm, a dark terrible storm, has engulfed my life and swallowed up my family. It was sudden and furiously swift. These past days have been violent and relentless. My heart has been in my throat so much that breathing has sometimes been painful. I have cried from a place so deep in my


I’ve been reading a book called Charles Spurgeon, The Great Orator by J.C. Carlile.  Something I read last night stayed with me all day today and I wanted to continue to remember it.  In recounting Spurgeon’s education, a cook is mentioned who had great influence on him. “During this time he was influenced greatly by

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