Abandoned By God

prometheusofficialposterMy husband and I went to watch ‘Prometheus’ earlier this year. I’ve never been much of an ‘Aliens’ fan but I did find the premise behind it quite interesting. It was one in which man goes in search of God, in the case of this movie “the gods” to discover why he has been created. There was an underlying hunger to know their makers, to understand where they came from, why they were made and why they had been left without any communication. It may have been a sci-fi movie, but I found this portion to be true to life.

I think most of us have wondered at one time or another if there is a God, and if there is, where is He? Why can’t we see Him? Why don’t we know Him? How can we know Him? What is He like? Why doesn’t He interact with us? Does He want to know us? Does He even care about us? Has He abandoned us? Every religion has a different answer to the same questions, ‘Where is God?’ and ‘Who is God?’ Our curiosity reveals a great gnawing distance between us and God. It has often been said, that the absence of God is the deepest hole in every man’s heart. It is a hole that he spends his entire life seeking to fill or to explain away in one way or another.clip_image002

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