Sacred Morning

I love cool, breezy early mornings. I love the sweetness found in the air like aromatherapy. It soothes and refreshes me the moment I walk out of my front door. It calls me to pause and breath deep for a moment, to try to take in as much of it as I possibly can and enjoy it to it’s very depths.  It reminds me of how small I am, how little I can contain and how abundant God’s graces are.

For a moment, all thoughts about yesterday’s past events, all concerns about today’s upcoming events and all worries about tomorrow’s future events are forgotten by the sweet smells that fill the air and begin to fill me calling me to enjoy the moment,  to live in this moment, not the past or the future but in the present, in his presence where he dwells and holds out his hand waiting to lead me forth to face the new day.

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