Our Never Ending Story

book It’s hard to share portions of your life and God’s work in it because each story is like a page torn out from a book. You may get a glimpse, a taste but you can’t see and understand His complete work which intertwines and underlies all the stories in your life together, and then intertwines them with the stories of another person’s life that you played into, then intertwines them into the stories of the life of your community, your state, your nation, the world and finally  into God’s own story of redemption, the great biblical narrative that rules and holds them all.

It’s like looking at the night sky and seeing a star, and then seeing the solar system that it is a small part of and then seeing it is actually a part of a bigger galaxy which is in turn a part of many galaxies and on and on you go as your story gets smaller and smaller when placed in perspective. It is just a pinhole of God’s glory and can never be contained or captured by anyone or anything.  The stories we share are only bits and pieces, small glimpses of a whole that is too great to condense. Even entire autobiographies are only condensed versions of God’s over all work.

Stories are like one dimensional  photographs, they are limited in what they share with us. There is so much going on behind the scenes and influencing the scenes that we will never be aware of. They are not relevant to the particular story or the point that the story is trying to emphasis. When a story ends, we no longer know what happened to the lives of the people. They go on. They started before the story and will continue after the story.  Our glimpse is only a momentarily glimpse as through a peep hole. So much is left out.

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