He is There

“Converse much with Christ…Delight to walk with him, to meet him, to view his beauty, to hear his voice, to taste his sweetness. Take all occasions to present yourselves before him. Depart not out of his presence, until he smiles and he speaks kindly to your heart. Stay until he reveals his presence by impressions, light, heat and enlargement. Remain until you find acceptance and peace. Enjoy his presence.” – David Clarkson

ParkI love this. So many Christians, myself included, sometimes struggle with seeing Christ. It’s hard to spend time with someone you don’t see or can’t hear. Prayer time feels awkward and alone as if you are talking to yourself. I’ve been there. You remind yourself of faith in God’s word and the promise of his presence so you keep at it. You keep showing up and talking to your imaginary friend or so it might feel some days because you just can’t see him or sense his presence beside you.  As you pray, the park bench next to you seems painfully empty.

Then something happens slowly that you don’t understand. A mysterious peace floods your heart. Anxiety is suddenly gone. Words from what you read that morning or in the days before come suddenly to mind and address your questions, fears and concerns and comfort you. Why didn’t I think of that before? Confusion turns to understanding and acceptance. Before you didn’t know what to do and now you know what you must do. You have been counseled.

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